Curriculum Vitae

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Andreas Bornemann METIS Founding Partner

Andreas Bornemann
Founding Partner

Andreas is specialised in the areas of retail & corporate banking, capital markets, leasing and life insurance. His consulting experience includes strategic business development, corporate restructuring and business process optimisation as well as strategic IT management and corporate real estate management.

Thomas Ruppelt METIS Partner

Dr. Thomas Ruppelt

Thomas is specialised in the areas of banks, stock exchanges, capital markets, securities firms and IT. His consulting experience includes business and IT strategy, IT management/governance, application development methodology as well as evaluation of IT projects and systems.

Werner Lamche METIS Associate Partner

Dr. Werner Lamche
Associate Partner

Werner is specialised in the areas of corporate banking, loan restructuring/servicing, real estate and leasing. His consulting experience includes development and implementation of strategies, reorganisation and corporate restructuring as well as risk and asset liability management.