Integrated IT Management

IT often gets its needed attention only when systems break down, applica­tions do not work or the perfor­mance remains behind expec­tations. But IT’s value contri­bution goes far beyond ensuring reliable systems and running applica­tions. Par­ticu­larly in the finan­cial services industry, IT is an enabler for process and product inno­vations. In order to deter­mine IT’s value contri­bution ade­quately, it must be measured against clearly defined objec­tives and managed holisti­cally. Therefore, an inte­grated approach compri­sing meaning­ful key perfor­mance indica­tors, a power­ful manage­ment tool and an insti­tutiona­lized improve­ment process is required.


Private Bank's Securities Processing in Germany

Is Business Process Outsourcing the right strategy and which BPO provider fits best?

Securities processing is commonly considered as a back office activity with high suitability for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Due to the non-strategic nature of this business process, outsourcing of securities processing normally does not affect the bank's competitive advantage and offers the possibility to benefit from significant economies of scale (transferred by the BPO provider).